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. Registered Charity Number 1111116

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Atwest is a registered charity, founded in 2005 for the provision of wheelchair-friendly and fully accessible transport to the residents of West Somerset.

We are here to help those who do not have their own transport, or who cannot access public or other transport facilities due either to lack of availability or because health, age or disability makes it difficult.

The services we provide are varied and wide ranging and include the following:

* Slinky dial-a-ride service
* 198 Service between Dulverton and Minehead

* 10 Service between Minehead and Porlock Weir
* Shopping routes
* Club travel
* Atwest Travel Club
* School transport

The office in Brunel Way, Minehead

For more details of individual services please view the relevant page.


Atwest is a registered charity.  
For more information on our charity status please follow this link: Charity Commission